Openspending: from one district to an entire country

In 2013 the Open State Foundation started Openspending by releasing the finances of one of the districts of Amsterdam. This week our work resulted in the sustainable publication of financial open data of all Dutch regional and local governments. The data consisting of budget and spending, annually and quarterly, from 2010 onwards has been made [...]

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NPO Backstage

App “Nuse” wins the NPO Backstage app competition

Nuse, a research app for journalists is the winner of the NPO Backstage app competition. Open State organized this competition commissioned by the Dutch Public Broadcasting System. On September the 25th the developers pitched their apps.

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Hackathon Beeld en Geluid

NPO Backstage: developing apps with Public Broadcasting data

Which innovative and creative applications can be developed with Public Broadcasting data? NPO Backstage challenges developers to answer this question. Open State Foundation organizes an app competition that will end this Thursday (September 17, 23:59 pm).

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right to know

Right To Know Day 2015

To mark the Right to Know Day in the Netherlands a meetup will be held on 28 September 2015 at the Library of The Hague.

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