Politwoops update by the Sunlight Foundation

Our friends over at the Sunlight Foundation have updated and released the source code for Politwoops. It was always our intention to release the source code but Twitter’s TOS prohibited that. Now with a new agreement it is finally possible to track people’s deleted tweets.

So checkout the fresh design and the source code on Github.

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    1. Open State
      Open State: Rechter hoort zaak om openheid kosten zorg - http://t.co/iWbupDqAvj

    2. Open State
      Open State: .@arjanelfassed op Radio1: Rechtszaak openbaarmaking prijzen ziekenhuis: http://t.co/mXATHw6GJz voor openbaarmaking prijzen ziekenhuis.html

    3. Open State
      Open State: RT @IndyVoices: Twitter has sided with politicians so they can hide what they've said from us | @arjanelfassed http://t.co/B92oBe6zz6 http:…

    4. Open State
      Open State: RT @Ramona_merkt_op: De @Consumentenbond wil ook inzicht in tarieven in de zorg! Daarom aanwezig bij: http://t.co/c0ZfBstLqp

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